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She is:

-The love of my life
-My reason to Smile
-My motivation
-My bestfriend
-The girl I was looking for
-My description of perfection
-The girl I’ll do everything for
-My soulmate
-The best part of me
-The missing part
-My favorite girl
-The one i’ll fight for
& much more.

Thats why I’ll do everything it takes to see her! When you really love someone, you dont care about time, distance, or money. You dont care about not speding money, not even for food. You dont care about calling her in the middle of your class. You dont care about waking up earlier, and going back to sleep late. You dont care about working everyday, to pay your flight ti where she lives. When you love someone you do all the crazy thing, that you cant explain.

Tu me manques amor!!

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